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My name is Kathy. I’m 18 years old and I’m new here. To the best of my age, experience, upbringing, I’m a little modest, reather shy girl, so i would really like to be treated gently, carefully, with care and warmth, and i will give my affection and all my female enerji in return! My zodiac sign is a virgo, and believe it or not, i am a complete match for my zodiac sign. I tend to be all girly! I loce gentle and sensual dances. I like aesthetically beautiful things and photos. Maybe I’m a bit of narcissist or a lot of aha, but i like to admire my body…apparently this road led me here…I really like the female body, underwer on a beautifull body. In my free time, i do dance(strip dance) and go to the gym, watch some series, everything is very usuall in the regard( aha from what i can tell for everyone)

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